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NPN is the go-to resource for finding the best schools in Chicago for your child. Members can search 1,100 listings in our School & Daycare Directory, get free entrance to our Annual Preschool & Elementary School Fair and other school-choice events, watch videos about Chicago schools, and more.

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How to apply to a CPS school in 5 easy steps
The 5 steps you need to take to apply to Chicago Public Schools elementary schools and preschools, including magnet schools and selective enrollment schools (SEES).
Preschool vs. pre-k: What's the difference?
What's the difference between preschool and pre-k, and how to know which is right for your child's needs.
How to help your child get ready for kindergarten
Work with your future kindergarten age child on approaches to learning and self-regulation, language and literacy, math, and social and emotional development.


Progressive schools

I was just curious about progressive schools in Chicago. Are your children academically prepared as their peers in traditional schools?   Posted via phone.   >>> insert ne...

Per Hour ACT Tutoring Rate

Just looking for a gut check...how much do you pay (or have you recently paid) per hour for ACT or SAT tutoring. And was it by Zoom or in person?  ...

Test 2022-12-23 @ 1:01 pm

It's a winter wonderland. ...

CPS Collective Responsibility Contract - did you receive?

Today we received an email from our teacher with a link to CPS's collective responsibility contract ("CPS has issued a Collective Responsibility Contract for families. You can sign and return the CPS ...

Do you think SEES schools are on the chopping block in Chicago?

I have no idea, but I think in general we're moving towards the school of thought that completely separate gifted programs, tracking, etc. is not equitable. Even though it's way better than NYC's, it ...

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How and when to apply to Chicago preschools and elementary schools

When should you start searching for schools, both public in private, in Chicago? This guide gives you important timelines for preschools and elementary schools.

What's up with Universal PreK? Here's what we know.

The rollout of Chicago's Universal PreK initiative, explained. Find out when free preschool for 4-year-olds is coming to your neighborhood.

Anxious about the upcoming school year? Here's how to ease your child's fears—and yours.

Become a safe space for your child by bringing awareness to the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty that we are all experiencing during the Covid pandemic.

Your school search checklist, broken down by month

Whether you're searching for a CPS school or a private school, you can keep track of school-search tasks with this monthly checklist.

You have more CPS high school options than you may think

If you think there are only a handful of acceptable choices for CPS high schools it may be time to adjust your perspective.

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