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    Have a question, no matter how personal? NPN’s discussion forum is a mom message board where you can post questions and comments, then get answers from other parents. 


    Social media is great for connecting with friends, but when you have questions about sensitive topics—about your kids, your marriage, your health, your mother-in-law—you want to be free and open with your feelings without worrying about the fallout.


    That’s why NPN’s discussion forum is so indispensable. You can ask and answer questions, share your thoughts or vent with abandon with complete anonymity, so you can let the #realtalk fly! Common topics include finding the best school in Chicago for your child, the challenges of being a new mom, discipline methods, the eternal working mom question of how to take time for yourself, and, yes, frustrations with your partner or other relationships


    Fellow parent members chime in with suggestions, comments, advice or just solidarity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s the value of a mom message board—and a Chicago parent community!

    Discussion ForumNot an NPN member? Join our parent community for less than $5 a day and get support and advice from Chicago parents dealing with the same parenting and life challenges as you.

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