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Parenting Advice

Whether you’re a new mom, a parent of a child with a developmental difference, a working mom or a parent looking for help with their toddler’s latest behavior phase, you can find parenting advice, support and connection with NPN.


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Parenting Advice Topics

Working Moms
Tips on juggling your two (or more!) jobs—mother and employee
New Moms
Connect with other new moms and watch videos on infant care
Raising Good Kids
Thoughts from parents on raising a city kid
Support and resources during your 10-month journey
Sleep Training
Videos on infant sleep and more on that precious commodity
Healthy Children
Keeping kids well, both mentally and physically
Articles and discussion about partners, in-laws and more
Techniques, tips and tricks from experts—and parent experts
Potty training, separation anxiety and managing kids’ moods
Developmental Differences
Support group, fair and more for parents of kids with special needs
Travel With Kids
Trip ideas and strategies for a fun family vacation

Featured articles

Working mom hacks: Tips and tricks to make your life easier
We asked our working mom members their top tricks and tips for keeping themselves and their kids happy and sane despite hectic schedules.
10 things I taught my daughters to prevent bullying
This mom knows her daughters won’t dish out or take any type of bullying behavior because of the 10 philosophies her family lives by.
What to expect when you’re expecting a Chicago baby
Pregnant in Chicago? Here are tips and tricks from seasoned Chicago moms about being pregnant and giving birth in Chicago.


3 year old night time waking- Help

My almost 3 year old and 4 year old share a bedroom. The younger one has been mostly a great sleeper with occasional night time waking which were not as disrupting-  he would cry out and ask for us an...

When did your baby sleep the whole night?

When did your baby sleep the whole night? ...

Anyone travel to Mexico in the last month or so?

If so, where did you go (Cancun, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta etc.)?  How did you feel about the Covid precautions, general behavior of people?  How was the process to get your Covid test before re-entering ...

Best type of home cardio exercise equipment

We are going to cancel our Y membership and buy a piece of home exercise equipment.  We have 2 adults and a teenager that would use it.  What have you found to be best piece of work out equipment for ...

Controlling MIL

As an offshoot of the crazy wedding stories thread, I wanted to see if anyone has successfully navigated the MIL-DIL relationship. I have a very anxious/controlling MIL.  I believe the the contro...

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Read this before getting a pandemic pet

Before committing to a pet, be sure to ask yourself these questions first.

Cold-weather winter break destinations from Chicago

With so many great cold-weather options from Chicago, you should consider a vacation closer to home.

Share the stories of these notable Chicago women with your kids

Chicago history is full of amazing women who have made a difference in the city and the world.

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